Saturday, January 05, 2013

Featured Members In A Social Group

In any social group there are people who naturally stand out with their contributions and participation. It is easy to identify these people because they actively contribute to content and conversations in the group. Software can highlight active participants in a group and amplify their presence to group members. SAP Jam does this via a feature called Most Active People.

People Suggestion by SAP Jam For HCM Exchange Group

But not every member might be actively participating in every group. Lack of active participation may not always mean that they are not experts in the area.

SAP Jam addresses this situation with a feature called Featured People. Administrators of a group can feature people and explain why they are being featured in the context of the particular group. For example, the administrator of a new hire on-boarding group can feature the on-boarding team to make it easy for new hires to know who the go-to people for various functions such as IT, Facilities and HR are. The administrator of a product group can identify the experts in various product areas.

This is what we have done with the SAP HCM Exchange Jam group, where product experts are identified so that our field colleagues know who the experts are.

Some of the featured experts in SAP HCM Exchange Jam group
I believe that this is a critical feature that improves organizational productivity.

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