Sunday, January 13, 2013

Artists and Engineers

Most people think that engineers and artists think very differently. I am not so sure. There is a very systematic approach to creating art. There are some famous people who are great artists and engineers. Michelangelo is a good example. When I sketch, I normally take a very systematic approach. Let me explain using one of recent drawings.

First I study the structure of the object I am drawing and understand the common characteristics.

Step 1 : I draw the trunk of the tree with a 2B pencil.
Step 2 : I then draw the second level branches with a B pencil.
Step 3 : Then I use a F pencil to draw the fine twigs and some leaves.

Tree against the setting sun in SAP's Palo Alto, CA Campus

I have methods like this to draw a building, a person, a pine tree and so on. I am pretty sure every good artist takes a systematic approach to his or her art. My hope is that all product managers will start drawing and sketching their ideas. It is a great way to communicate ideas to colleagues, customers and partners.

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