Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Recommendations Feature in SAP Jam Makes Us Productive

One of the questions that I always get asked by people who come to SAP HCM Exchange, the internal SAP Jam Group for HCM colleagues, is how will people know what content to look at first and whom to follow to get information on specific topics.

Since the release of SAP Jam internally for SAP and SuccessFactors Employees, I have been exploring it pretty closely to see how some of the new features can solve these real world problems that we were facing.

The recommendations feature in Jam has addressed this problem we were facing to a great extend. The algorithm acts a bit like a news paper editorial team that picks the most important and most popular news and puts it on the front page. However unlike the new paper editor, the importance of the content is determined by the popularity of the content and the relevance of the content to a particular individual.

Figure : Recommendations of people and content is posted on the top of the Feeds page.

Users can also go and see more recommendations where they can filter content by day, week and month.

Figure 2 : Recommendations page where the content can be filtered by day, week and month.

The SAP Jam team has taken a good first step towards making social media updates more manageable for users, particularly the new ones. I am sure that this feature is going to speedup Jam adoption and usage inside SAP.

You can read about all the features in the latest release of SAP Jam in Keith Hamrick's blog post.

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