Thursday, December 27, 2012

Drawing Is My Meditation

Fall trees covering the Strahov monastery buildings.
Strahov Monastery in Prague. Fall trees covering facade.

Wood and iron benches on cobblestone sidewalk. Prague old town.
Hotel Paris in Prague

Lilies and fruits on the kitchen table. Portland, Oregon.

Road down to city from Strahov Monastery, Prague.
I normally make something to relax and take my mind off day-to-day business. These holidays I decided to spend the time sketching. I started a while back during vacation and caught up on it during the holidays. My friend +Rajeev Nair pointed out to me, that this is one sort of meditation. I think so. Drawing for hours together is a great way to train the mind to focus, to meditate.


  1. lovely! We should do some landscaping sometime :)

  2. These are some amazing sketches Prashanth! Very impressive.


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