Friday, November 16, 2012

Jam Can Engage People Across Multiple Legal Entities

SAP and SuccessFactors organizations function as two separate legal entities, even though people from both organizations work together closely. This has its pluses and minuses. On the plus side SuccessFactors retains its cloud DNA without a larger organization influencing the way it does businesses. On the downside, this keeps organizational systems including HR systems separate, which makes it difficult for people from each organization to quickly look up each other.

The SAP Jam team and the SAP IT team got together and brought both organizations together in SAP Jam. Today, even though the organizations run two different HR systems, we are able to look up each other and understand where the other person works, who they work with and what they do. This is not a hypothetical situation that Jam could be used for. This is a real world problem that Jam is solving for SAP and Successfactors today. Imagine this. The shared organizational information in Jam alone saves every SAP and Successfactors employee who works with each other about 15 minutes a day. Apart from the time savings, it also speeds up business execution and decision making.

It got me thinking that SAP Jam can play a very important role in companies that have multiple legal entities or country subsidiaries running multiple HR systems. The SAP Jam and IT teams even know how to bring this data together, how long it will take, how much will it cost to implement and what the Dos and Don't are. I am sure that our customers will find this useful.

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