Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Talent Market Is Shifting Eastward

I recently came across an interesting statistic about college graduates in the US, India and China in the Wall Street Journal. The graphic below depicts the number of students and money spent on education.

The World Economic Forum estimates that 81% of U.S. engineering graduates are immediately "employable," while only 25% of Indian graduates and 10% of Chinese graduates are equally well prepared for jobs.

Even if that World Economic Forum is right in its judgement, that still makes 8.3 million Chinese and 16.2 million Indian graduates ready to start a job and perform in a satisfactory manner.

That is a total of 24.5 million employable college graduates compared to about 23 million employable US college graduates. This does not include eligible graduates from other countries.

This info is going to be very interesting for HR Executives and business leaders looking to grow their business.

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