Sunday, July 15, 2012

Your Product Page Is Your Store Front

While creating the HCM Exchange community using SuccessFactors Jam as the tool, I wrote a few messages to my colleagues to share with them my thoughts on a community and how I perceive their product or solution pages. This is one such mail. There was positive response for this approach from one colleague. Once he created his product page, others followed.

Your Product Page Is Your Store Front

I see the solution owner as the keeper of the product page. It is a bit like the store front of your product. You can make announcements, post key enablement assets such as presentations and demos and engage in conversions with field colleagues. The more easy it is to do business with you and the more knowledgeable the field is about your product, the better your product will sell.

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Your product page can work for you while you focus on more important things

A well maintained product page can help you be a lot more productive. You will know where your things are. Your colleagues will know where your product assets are and your internal customers will know where the product assets are. You will be doing more meaningful work and answering less emails about assets. Since we can track consumption of every asset by every internal customer, you will have unimaginable insight into how your work is being received by the field and be able to do something about it.

I also realized that some of us are busy travelling and supporting sales pursuits. So I created skeleton product pages for all the products. I posted some content where I can, so that it is not empty. You can modify it  to suit your taste and needs. If you need ideas and help see what others have done.

Here are your product pages…I hope it brings out the inner entrepreneur in you…

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