Friday, July 13, 2012

Prototyping The Swipe Feature For iPhone Using Axure RP

AxureRP, the prototyping tool, recently introduced the swipe feature. It is very useful to simulate the behavior of touch applications. The video below is from Axure showing how to do it.

While the demo above is useful, I had to build a prototype where I had to display the page indicator dots below the images, which is not covered by the video above in an elegant manner. So I built an example to show what can be done and how I did it. In the example below I am simulating a person browsing a row of pictures.

I spent a few hours building this. You can build it easily too. But if you want to save an hour of work, you can buy this AxureRP file for $ 0.99 from GumRoad. Click here to buy.

You will get a zip file of the AxureRP project file. You will need AxureRP software to open it. A 30 day free trial of AxureRP can be downloaded from 

1 comment:

  1. Good to know that AxureRP introduced Mobile prototyping. Does it supports Android? AxureRP is my favorite prototyping tool – all my Oracle Apex Apps pre-work done with AxureRP for demo.


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