Friday, April 06, 2012

The Role Of A CIO In Changing A Company's Culture

While SAP is famous for its robust business software, SAP software did not traditionally have a consumer grade user experience. We needed something unorthodox to kick-start an appreciation for consumer grade user experience. SAP CIO Oliver Bussmann played a key role in influencing the culture of product teams at SAP. Instead of relying on training programs, he issued 14,000 iPads to SAP employees. He impressed upon everyone that engagement and experience is as important as the transaction.

I watched my colleagues starting to care more about a good user interface, once they started using an iPad. I overheard things like "Why can't it be like an iPad app?".

SAP CIO is also setting a standard for social media participation. He was recently identified by as one of the top 25 Social CIOs in the Fortune 250.

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