Monday, April 02, 2012

Rehearsing Your Story With SuccessFactors Jam

My colleague Anke Doerzapf and I are speaking about the importance of people centricity in the IHIRM 2012 Conference in Chicago. Anke is writing the story line for the presentation and wanted to convey the narrative to her colleagues and manager. She shared the PowerPoint presentation with notes with her colleagues around the world and her manager, who works from Germany. But she faced a problem. The PowerPoint presentation alone did not convey the story she wanted to convey.

She wanted a simple way to  convey her narrative to her colleagues and manager so that she could get their inputs. She did not want to ask for an hour of their time to walk them through the presentation. When I mentioned the screen capture feature in SuccessFactors Jam to her, she gave it a try and was delighted to find out how simple and useful it was to record a presentation with audio, even for requesting quick inputs. Once she recorded her narrative, her colleagues and manager were able to provide feedback on the recording not only at the slide level but also at any second of the recording.

Recording the story you want to tell in your presentation, listening to it to improve it, and getting inputs from others is an important activity for any professional. Now you can do that using SuccessFactors Jam. You can try it for free. If your company uses SuccessFactors products, you automatically have access to Jam.

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