Sunday, April 22, 2012

Can Enterprise Mobility Reduce The Risk Of Heart Attacks

I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal on the guide to beating heart attacks, especially among workers who are at a desk all day in front of computers. The article mentioned that a person should not be confined to desk for more than four hours a day. If you are reading this post, I suspect that you fall under the "sitting down for more than four hours a day" category. The article said the following

"Even regular exercise isn't sufficient if you're confined to a desk or a couch for the rest of the day. "

Image from the Wall Street Journal
The article went on to say that while regular exercise is necessary, it is also important for a person to move around during a regular work day rather than be forced to go back to a desk and sit down to get work done.

I realized that enterprise mobile applications accomplish a larger purpose that just connect people to their software tools while they are away from their office. Enterprise mobile applications encourage people to move away from their desk as much as possible. This is critical because we spend a majority of our day at work and the nature of our work tools determine how health or unhealthy we are.

Even if mobile applications encourage people to move around for a few minutes a day, their risk of heart disease drops significantly. I suspect that organizations that mobilize their workforce may see a healthier workforce with a lower risk of heart disease. This might be a good area for research.


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