Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Apple Keynote For iPad Makes A Good Demo Building Tool

After stumbling through a lot of apps, my quest for a simple and effective tool to build iPad demos for my sales colleagues has come to an end. I found Apple Keynote for iPad to be an appropriate tool for building simple demos. Keynote costs $9.99.

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My requirement was to create simple iPad demos of existing iPad applications and web applications for my global sales colleagues. Even though we had the iPad app ready, we wanted to give a simplified version of the app with a few screens to the sales team so that they do not have to worry about the content and preparation of the demo system.

Our sales teams use these iPad demos to share content with customers, when they meet them at informal settings. Showing a demo from an iPad can happen in very informal settings, even while standing in the corridor at a conference venue or in a parking lot.

This is what I did to build the demo.
  • I grabbed the screens from the iPad app and stored them in my photos folder.
  • Started Keynote and created a new presentation
  • Imported the images one by one
  • Built transitions for the screen. Set transition directions and transition speed.
  • In some screens I imported a partial screen and animated the object to create an illusion of a real app.
I can do this for web apps as well, as long as I can view them on my iPad.

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