Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oliver Conze Might Throw Some Light On Upcoming Cloud Innovation

I want to thank everyone who reached out to me with kind words about SAP Career OnDemand. I am honored and moved by your gesture. Trust me. Good ideas are not going to go away. As David Ludlow said in his interview we are working closely with product management colleagues from SuccessFactors to take the people centric concepts from Career OnDemand and incorporate them into the SuccessFactors talent management and business execution suite, which is already used by over 3000 customers. The end result, I believe, will be innovative people centric concepts delivered from a system that has been field tested by 15 million users over 10 years.  If anything, innovation is going to reach a larger number of people than we had originally anticipated.

If you are at HR Insider 2012, I recommend you attend my colleague Oliver Conze's session on Wednesday morning. He might throw some light and may be even give you a sneak peek into how a future solution might look like.

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