Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Using Twitter To Build A Crowd Sourced Learning Catalog

I share a lot of information on twitter that will be useful for my colleagues at work. I cc them on twitter with their twitter handle when I can. However there was no easy way to seamlessly make that information easily available to everyone in my company who might be interested in what I am sharing. I also got into an interesting situation where people who follow me on twitter had a better idea about my interests and capabilities compared to my manager, colleagues and executives. I was more visible outside the company than inside the company.

SuccessFactors JAM solved that problem for me. Today I connected my twitter account with my JAM account with a few clicks. When I share my thoughts or links on twitter, all I need to do is add the hashtag #jam to it and it shows up on my wall in JAM. My colleagues who work with me on specific activities see my updates. Colleagues who have chosen to follow me on JAM, even though they may not be working with me today, also see my updates.

A few interesting things will happen now. 

a. Colleagues searching for information in the learning management system will start seeing this content in their search results. This content and links become a useful crowd sourced learning catalog for my company.

b. The next time a staffing person or recruiter searches for specific skills and people, I will show up in their search results. My chances of finding future projects that match my interest and skills just got better.

c. JAM also tracks the clicks on the links I share. I can see how many times a link that I shared was viewed by my colleagues. This is every useful feedback for me and useful for the search engine that determines the value of the link that I shared.

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  1. Very Interesting Prashanth .. This is definitely what SAP Customers need


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