Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Professional Profile Of An Employee

The professional profile of an employee is a window into a person's capabilities, experience and work. In the past it was only possible to see a, usually outdated, record of what a person claimed they did.

With today's technology and work habits, a person's profile could be a window into what a person is working towards, what a person is working on and who they are working with. This kind of a profile is useful for a person and for her colleagues. For the person, it is a mirror of their behavior.  For her colleagues, it is a window into her behavior.

I believe that we will see professional profiles in the enterprise that reflect what a person actually does. Not just what a person claims to have done. There will be little need for verification. Reputation will replace or significantly reduce the need for verification. People working with a person will signal the capabilities of the person via participation and active feedback.

Multiple business applications within an enterprise will feed empirical evidence into and derive evidence from this new profile. This professional profile of a person will have credentialed information and empirically acquired information.

We will see such profiles in the enterprise in 2012 or 2013. 
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