Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Manager Follows Me On SuccessFactors Jam

A few weeks back teams from SAP and SuccessFactors started working together and exchanging information. The teams used SuccessFactors Jam to bring people together, share content and get things done. A lot of work needs to be done when two large companies come together. Time was of the essence and there is no scope for delays. I had an opportunity to be part of some work streams. My manager was part of a few other work streams. Other executives I work for were also part of multiple activities. Several colleagues from different parts of the country and the world had to get to know each other quickly and get things done by clear deadlines.

To keep track of what each other is doing, we followed each other. So when I create a piece of content, share an update, make a public comment or upload work that I did, my followers can see what I am doing. Since my manager follows me in Jam, he has up to date insight into what I am working on even before we met for our periodic conversations. When we met, the conversations were about high value agenda items instead of mere status updates.

I noticed an incredible amount of informal learning, peer to peer learning and on-the-job learning. Even though I believed in the theory, it was good to have a ring side view of the role of an informal learning platform in post merger activities of two large companies.

Not everyone is comfortable with such an open work style. But, based on my conversation with customers, i found out that a significant portion of the work force is comfortable with such a work style. 

Here is an introduction to SuccessFactors Jam 

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