Friday, December 16, 2011

We First

I am listening to the Book We First by Simon Mainwaring. Simon argues that technology driven information exchange and self organization has rendered the current model of business obsolete. Empowered customers, slowly but steadily, are forcing companies to put purpose ahead of profits. Simon argues that companies that focus only on profits will lag behind and go out of business soon. He compares the scenario to advances in printing technology leading to the demise of kingdoms.

This is happening at work too. Employees are empowered with so many powerful tools to share information and self-organize, the traditional tools and approaches to manage and motivate people look like a joke. I met  human resource professionals from more than hundred organizations in the last year. I don't think human resource management teams realize the magnitude of this change.

The same way customers, empowered with information and tools, are forcing companies to change, employees armed with tools and information are going to force organizations to change the way people are managed. I believe that the human resource professionals who are prepared and take some risks, will lead the way. Those who resist change and stick to the old ways will fail and take their companies down with them.

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  1. I agree with you... I shared this article with my friends. Thanks.


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