Thursday, December 15, 2011

Streamwork For Coordinating Urgent Critical Communication

@Chirag_Mehta woke me up a recent Saturday morning with the news. SAP has announced its intention to acquire SuccessFactors. While I was talking to him three more colleagues texted me. One more colleague left a voice mail. I opened twitter and saw a few analysts and friends, who also happened to be customers, started asking me what this all means for SAP Career OnDemand and SAP HCM Talent Management Suite.  Some SAP customers currently using SuccessFactors also started contacting us.

The next Monday morning  @esdediego  and I decided that we will personally inform the tens of co-innovation customers in the US about the news and give them an update. @hkolar, @jf04 and colleagues in Germany decided the same for  customers in Europe. @esdediego came up with the list of customers. @SDenecken put together the emergency communication.

We created a Streamwork activity to keep track of all the customers we were talking to and documented their thoughts and concerns if any. Every person who contacted a customer updated the status in Streamwork right after the call. Every other team member got automatic updates of what everyone was hearing from customers. Decisions were taken in real time with information provided in context by the right person at the right time. We did all this without a single conference call and minimal email.

The response of customers and their faith in us is humbling and energizing.

The SAP OnDemand team that invented the phrase 'collaboration at the core' knows how to collaborate in-context around the globe, across multiple time zones and with remarkable efficiency. You can count on us to put collaboration at the core of every people management application we design and deliver.

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