Sunday, November 27, 2011

Viewing a Web Site Inside an iPad Browser In Full-Screen Mode

An iPad prototype built using tools such as Axure can be placed on a web site and view directly inside a browser on an iPad. However, the Safari browser does not yet have a full screen mode. So you will always end up seeing the address bar and the tabs on the top. This makes it hard to simulate a prototype in the iPad web browser.

The Terra browser solves that problem. There is a full screen mode that hides the address bar and the tabs on the top. You'll notice that there is no address bar or tab bar on the top. The web page occupies the entire screen.

Now you can create an iPad prototype built using html, place it in a web site and show it inside a Terra browser to simulate the app.

The correct image size for the prototype is 1024 * 750. If you build an application with these dimensions, the prototype you create will display perfectly inside the Terra Browser while it is on full-screen mode.

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