Saturday, November 12, 2011

iPad User Interface Guidelines

I read about the iPad user inerface guidelines in Luke W's web site.  Some of these guidelines need explanation. I wonder if anyone has elaborated on this somewhere. I plan to poke around. The iPad user experience guidelines are © 2010 Apple Inc.
  • Support All Orientations
  • Enhance Interactivity (Don’t Just Add Features)
  • Flatten Your Information Hierarchy
  • Reduce Full-Screen Transitions
  • Enable Collaboration and Connectedness
  • Add Physicality and Heightened Realism
  • Delight People with Stunning Graphics
  • De-emphasize User Interface Controls
    • This means less buttons on the screen. Content is the interface
  • Minimize Modality
  • Rethink Your Lists
    • I wonder what this means. Some examples might help.
  • Consider Multifinger Gestures
  • Consider Popovers for Some Modal Tasks
  • Restrict Complexity in Modal Tasks
  • Downplay File-Handling Operations
  • Ask People to Save Only When Necessary
  • Start Instantly
  • Always Be Prepared to Stop

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