Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Collaboration In Context Can Do Wonders To Your Life and Work

Texting is useful. In older model phones one always needs to set the context first. This is because older model phones do not present the message in context for the receiver. The message is simply presented in the order it was received and it was assumed that the receiver will know the context or figure out the context. This is inefficient and cumbersome.

Texting on the iPhone, on the other hand, is very simple, fast and fun. The iPhone makes people more efficient by organizing their messages as a conversation with a person rather than a series of random messages. In other words, the iPhone presents the context for both parties, so that simple text messages accomplish more than long conversations.

This is the case with any collaboration tool. When you provide collaboration tools in the context of a specific goal or activity, the tool makes collaboration not only efficient but also fun. This is what we have done with SAP Career OnDemand. We put the right collaboration tool at the hands of the right people in the context of their goals and activities.

Rather than present a blank collaboration space, where a person has to work hard to set the context, we present the context for all the right people so that a simple short conversation can accomplish much more that an elaborate process.

I explain this to every customer who asks me why they should use SAP Career OnDemand rather than a stand alone collaboration tool.

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