Friday, November 04, 2011

Allowance For Error

I have seen two interesting types of behaviors with my colleagues. One set of people anticipate that things might not always work as predicted; people may not show up on time for meetings, the projector may not always work, customers may cancel meetings at the last minute and so on. It is not that they always have a contingency plan. But they don't expect everything to work perfectly all the time.

There is a second set of colleagues who expect the world to function as expected. They expect people to always show up on time, their windows 7 machines to boot up under a minute, their GPS to show the right directions all the time and so on. These are not unreasonable expectations. But when such expectations are not met, this second set of colleagues get all upset and stressed out about it.

Who do you think is more productive at work? I have noticed that the ones who understand and accept that things don't always work the way they should are more productive and less stressed.

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