Sunday, September 25, 2011

Use Video To Communicate Your Thoughts And Ideas To Colleagues

Since my colleagues work out of three countries, I rely on video as lot to convey my thoughts and ideas to others. It works much better than email and is very cheap. You can use you company's video hosting site, YouTube or other services.

The video does not have to be professionally done. It does not have to be slick. You don't have to edit the video or do any processing. Just shoot the video as if you are talking to your colleague and send it.

Couple of things to keep in mind.
  • The Tool: Use a physical video camera. Not a screen capture tool. 
  • Duration: Colleagues have told me that the limit for a video is 7 minutes or less. Anything more becomes a drag. 

I have created tens to videos during the past 2 years to capture and convey my thoughts to my colleagues. Since those videos contain proprietary content, I cannot share them here. However, the video below, which I made for my personal use, conveys how I use video. Ignore the content. It talks about creating a mobile app using a drag and drop tool called App Inventor.

Video conveys emotion much better than an email. You can use informal language. You can show screens and physical artifacts quickly and efficiently.

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