Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The main ingredient in design thinking, customer development and agile programming is people

I enjoy cooking South Indian food at home. The secret of any cooking, I learnt from the cook books I read, is fresh and appropriate ingredients. Even the best of recipes is useless when the right ingredients are not in place. So I always have fresh ginger at home. Since it is hard to keep fresh curry leaves, I have a plant in my backyard, which I take a lot of pain to keep alive.

@enricgili and I were talking about similar things today afternoon. The main ingredient in design thinking, customer development and agile programming is people. No amount of process definition is going to ensure success unless the right talent is assembled. Yet, relatively less attention is paid to finding and assembling the right talent. A lot of energy is spent on defining the process. The process, like a recipe for cooking, is important. However, the right people, like right ingredients for a dish, is always the place to start.

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