Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Prototypes appeal to a different part of the brain

Last week we had our quarterly product review sessions where we pitch our big bosses for more money and resources by showing them our plans for the next year. Instead of showing them slides, we showed them a very very early version of the prototype and talked about the research and the concepts. We did talk about facts, figures and potential market size and so on. But most decision makers were able to relate better to the prototype. Some of them even came over later and shared their ideas and volunteered to talk to us about the product even after the meeting. We took them up on the offer and picked their brains a bit more.

That is the power of a prototype. People can relate to it. It appeals to a different part of the brain, compared to spreadsheets and bullet points. Did we get the money and people? Is that even a question? Of Course we did. Who can resist a cool prototype accompanied by a magical story told by the one and only @enricgili

Image from Blasamiq.com

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