Tuesday, August 02, 2011

How we should be delivering enterprise applications

I recently listened to a conversation between Jason Averbook and Bill Kutik.

This is a summary of their views on how the workforce is changing and how we should be delivering enterprise apps. I added some of my comments in the sub bullets.

Overview of the session
  • User Defined
    • Participation based on user preferences. At SAP we think of this as people centric. Finally we need to build software that is useful and usable.
  • Cloud Computing
    • Almost all HR software purchase today is Software as a Service
  • Consumer Driven
    • Don't waste people's time. Make it usable
  • Perpetual Beta
    • Deliver small increments of innovation
  • Interactional
    • Focus on collective intelligence rather than transactions. 
Jason on Social Networking in the Enterprise
Jason says that collective intelligence needs to be captured in some form so that they can be reused. Jason did not mention the phrase 'knowledge management'. But he alluded to it. I am not sure storing knowledge has worked in the past. I am inclined towards knowledge flows rather than Knowledge stores.

Collaboration needs to be integrated with daily work
It should not be a separate system where people discuss topics that do not matter for the business.

System Go Live is not success. Business benefit is the success
The best place to listen to business drivers is an earning's call.

SaaS Deployment requires more planning...Not Less
Saas software cannot be changed by an Internal IT team after deployment. So SaaS deployments need better planning and careful implementation compared to OnPremise software. Because there is limited customization possibilities in hosted software, SaaS will keep HR focused on business value compared to OnPremise software says Jason.

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