Thursday, August 11, 2011

Customer Can Make Yogurt Drinks Using Your Washing Machines

Northern Indian road side  hotels, called Dhabas, make yogurt drinks, called lassi, using top loading washing machines. It is a hilarious example of end user creativity. The makers of washing machines are aware of this. But they did not get into the "Lassi machine business". They continued to focus on the washing machine market because everyone washes their clothes and only a select few make their lassis using a washing machine.

There is a good lesson in this for product designers. Just because a customer uses your product in a certain way does not mean you change your product to suit that particular requirement. Be aware of the usage. Do not stop them from doing it. But focus on your goal for the product and stick to it, even if some customers want you to change.

Here is a HSBC commerical on the topic.

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