Friday, June 03, 2011

The Book That Inspires And Motivates Me To Pay Attention To Experiences

A while back I was collaborating with my colleagues to design the home page of Career OnDemand. Since the home page is an entry point for the application, I decided to go and look up the book, Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander. I am big fan of this book and the way it describes experiences of everything from entering a home from your car to meeting friends in your neighborhood.

My colleagues and I are putting people first and paying close attention to the experience of a person at every stage of his or her interaction with Career OnDemand. We are prototyping the user experience and testing the same with people even before we write code. We are working hard to ensure that the application works the way people normally do their work.

Here is the experience of walking from your car to the house and kitchen described in the book, Pattern Language".

The snap shot above is copyrighted material. I have shared it to promote the book. If you like it, please buy the book. This is a bible for anyone who cares about design, patterns and building meaningful experiences.
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