Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Conversations Can Simplify, Even Eliminate Processes

When a loan officer in a big city bank wants to give you a loan, the officer follows an elaborate process to collect a lot of background information, does a significant amount of background check and uses sophisticated technology to evaluate your credit-worthiness. The decision making process lasts for days or weeks.

The Farmers and Merchants Union Bank
On the other hand, the loan officer in a small town bank will simply call someone in his or her network and verify your credentials in a matter of minutes and give you a decision within hours, not days or weeks.

The loan officer in a small town bank is able to avoid a long drawn process because he or she has a reliable network in place that can verify the reputation of a person, in a matter of minutes. In such communities, a person's reputation is transparent. So, when a good people network is in place, a simple conversation may be more reliable that a long drawn process.

This is the core belief of the product designers of Career OnDemand. Today we have technology in place that can surface a people network based on existing relationships within a company. Such transparency in relationships can help people have quick conversations with the right person to verify the reputation of a manager, verify the expertise of a professional or verify the reliability of an employee.

This technology is going to change the way organizations conduct their business. We plan to cater to this change, and hope to nudge organizations towards such simplicity and transparency, by putting conversation at the core of every business process.

Image Credit : Ann Althouse 
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