Saturday, April 30, 2011

Interesting Companies In The Performance Improvement Area

My research interest is in the area of  on-going performance improvement of employees. I think about how can a person best improve his or her performance on an on-going basis for the benefit of the employer's short term business goals and the employee's long term career goals. I have been researching the area for a while. So are several other innovative people. These are some companies I admire for their innovative thinking.

1. Rypple
Rypple focuses on coaching and feedback to improve performance.

2. WorkSimple
Worksimple makes goals social. They explain their approach very well here.

3. Sonar6
Sonar6 focuses on performance appraisal.

Do you admire other innovative companies in the employee performance improvement area? If yes, could you please leave a comment. Thanks.
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