Sunday, January 09, 2011

SAP Streamwork Enterprise Edition Team

My employer SAP, rolled out SAP Streamwork Enterprise Edition internally. We are the first customers of our own product. I am writing this post, not to talk about the features of the product but to tell everyone about the team that builds the product.

The Streamwork team is one of the most agile teams I have seen in my career. I have admired what they do from a distance for many months now. Last week I got to experience their skill and customer orientation first hand.

I liked Streamwork so much that I purchased Streamwork last year as an individual by paying my own money before the enterprise roll out. When the enterprise edition was rolled out, I faced some issues with the conversion and David Brockington and Ingrid Duquenoy-Bernaudin, from the product team helped me resolve it efficiently, even though it was a sticky problem that only one user faced.

The Streamwork team is also releasing mobile versions for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android. They asked me for my feedback and I have shared my thoughts about thinking-mobile-first with them.

Analysts and current users may have their own thoughts about the product and its adoption. Since I am an SAP employee, I am not going to comment on that.

But the most important thing is that you will be in good hands when you use Streamwork. Since it is an OnDemand product built by a very capable, knowledgeable, customer-oriented and agile team, I am confident that the product will evolve quickly in response to customer feedback and become integral to your collaboration infrastructure.
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