Monday, January 24, 2011

On-Boarding Training Works Even For Experienced Hires

A few days back I formally interviewed a friend, as part of my research, along with another colleague. Since my colleague did not know the friend, my friend introduced himself and gave his elevator pitch about what he does. I was impressed by the crisp introduction of his new role and asked him how he created that pitch.

My friend, who works for Accenture, told me that creating an elevator pitch for himself was one of that training programs that Accenture put him through, as part of his on-boarding program. The program, he said, was aimed at experienced hires. More importantly the training was a workshop where he was required to create the pitch as part of the program. It was learning by doing. He also mentioned the he watched others pitch themselves and fine-tuned his pitch based on the techniques of others. It is evident that learning by doing works, even for those with decades of experience behind them.

I also, believe it is easier to unlearn old habits when you learn by doing. 
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