Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Men Who Motivated Me in 2010

I followed the advice of four men very seriously this year.

Mike Tschudy @MChewD, my colleague and design thinking mentor inspired me to "Be Awesome" and not hold back. Thanks Mike.

Eduardo Salamanca, @esdediego,  my colleague asked me to "Vista, suerte y al toro". It roughly translates to focus, be lucky and to go for your target. Thank you my friend.

Enric Gili Fort @enricgili , my fellow product designer and product manager, who inspired me to "Make Things" and keep my work PowerPoint free. Thank you Sir.

Seth Godin, the author, who through this books Linchpin and Purple Cow, inspired me to shun the mediocore and be different. Thanks Seth. I'll pay you back by reading all the books you write.
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