Saturday, December 25, 2010

Storing Data In A Mobile Database Using Google App Inventor

I wrote a simple App Inventor application today to understand how App Inventor stores data in a mobile database stored right inside your Android phone. I followed the tutorial available from to create the app.

Storing data across sessions is useful for creating compelling mobile prototypes. Product managers and product designers can create prototypes to test the concept, features and even user experience.

The app below is called "Did I Leave The Oven On?". A user can switch On or switch Off the oven and the app will store the status, when the user returns. The entire App Inventor Logic and a video, from are posted below.

I hope you find this useful. Happy prototyping.

All the logic you need to understand how data is stored in a database by App Inventor

Google App Inventor - User Experience from clarklab on Vimeo.
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