Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Baby Does Not Like Me

I have been creating a series of apps to explore Google App Inventor, to persuade product managers to prototype and to urge product designers to think mobile first.

Today, I wrote a mobile app called "The baby does not like me" to explore and demonstrate the orientation sensor capabilities of a mobile device. I created the app using Google App Inventor, using which you can create mobile apps for an Android device without writing any code.

In the video below I demonstrate the rudimentary app that I wrote to explore the Orientation Sensor functionality of a mobile device. The code I assembled to make this app is provided below the video.


  1. Nice! I recall this Ux, the very same colors haven't yet changed. The original code name was 'Scratch'. The AppInventor Ux was derived from MIT-OCW's own project some 8-10 years back meant for educational purposes; I believe they then just scrapped it for some time & decided to get these screens back `09 onwards {-;

  2. App Inventor is now back at MIT. I created about 10 apps using app inventor last year. In fact the most popular of my videos on You Tube is the one showing how to build a bar code scanner app without writing code. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1tG59Pbbzg&feature=plcp


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