Monday, November 15, 2010

Think About The Time Of The Day, While Thinking Mobile-First

While thinking mobile first for your application, it will help to think about the time of the day when your app or a particular feature might be used by your users. Such thinking might be able to help you determine the features that you need to provide in a mobile app.

The picture below is an example of newpaper readership across smartphone, computers and tablets.

News readership across devices and time from WSJ

The time of the day may determine, the mood, the attention span and the expectations a person may have. In the morning, users may be looking to get quick updates and do things that help with planning the day. They may use their smart phone for this purpose.

During the day time, they may do things that require large chunks of time and a quiet and comfortable workspace. They may use the computer to do even minor tasks.

In the evening, they may be catching up on reading material, checking for some updates and closing out the day. They may use a tablet to do this.

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