Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Paint Program Using Google App Inventor

I created a simple paint program for Android using the Google App Inventor tool. I did not design the app. I just created it based on the tutorial. Even the act of recreating the app, as it was described, gave me a lot of insight into how the basic interactions of Touch and Slide are handled by the mobile operating systems.

Paint Program
I have developed E-Learning content for the web in the past. But I have not, written a paint program before. It was fun to explore the basics of designing a paint program for mobile devices.

I can already think of many simple fun and useful app ideas using the paint basics of Android. If you enjoy designing software, give Google App Inventor a try. It helps you make to think.

I believe that anyone who can think logically can use Google App Inventor to build very simple prototypes to visualize an application. That includes product managers and product designers. Google App Inventor provides you with a a drag and drop interface to build simple yet powerful apps. It does take some perseverance. But it is doable. The logic for the paint program I created based on the App Inventor tutorial is below.

It is all drag and drop. I did not write any code.

Google App Inventor  Visual App Development Tool

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