Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Now-A-Days, We Live In Isolation and Socialize At Work

Decades ago during the advent of the industrial age, we lived in close quarters and socialized with people in our community. We were forced to, because we had to walk out to buy things, do the laundry, get the kids, have a coffee, shop etc.

At work, we did our part in the assembly line, did not talk to anyone much during work hours and went home. Our bosses kept an eye on us to ensure that we did not engage in unnecessary chatter.
Now-a-days, we live in isolation in assembly line houses, drive straight out of our garages. We have scheduled time everday with family members. We politely nod at our neighbours because we forget their names. 

At work, we collaborate with others to satisfy our need to socialize. We demand open offices, arrange off-sites to get to know each other, have workshops to generate ideas, go for community service together, set up war rooms to deliver products faster, spend days together at conferences, hours together at airports and planes and call each other to handle exceptions.

Are you still not convinced that people and collaboration should be at the core of business software?

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