Saturday, September 18, 2010

So you think social media is only for marketing and customer support teams

Even if you are a social media convert, you may be thinking that social media makes sense only for marketing and customer support teams. Employees can toil away using email and business software that you have in place.

That thinking is going to get you in trouble. Your customers are already empowered with powerful tools such as reviews, recommendations, information about problems with your products and deep insight into your issues. Your customers are sharing information with each other using sophisticated tools at the speed of light.

Your limited marketing team members and customer support people are no match for empowered customers, because your marketing team does not make the rules anymore. Customers do.

So, if you do not empower your employees with social media tools that enable them to share what they know with each other and learn from each other almost instantly, your workforce will look like a cavalry fighting an air force.  Can you really afford that?

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