Saturday, August 14, 2010

How not making things affects your thinking

Many of todays professionals move on to the thinking and advising business from the making business. Many of these professionals used to make things and are brilliant and have very good ideas of how things worked, in the past.

But those who moved from the making business to the thinking business are a bit like the Indians who left India a century ago. [or the French who left their France or the English who left England]. While the Indian citizens have moved on with the world and changed their habits and beliefs to cope with current realities, those who left their motherland still hold on to the, sometime decades old, traditions, ideas and beliefs. When they visit their motherland, they are surprised how those in India are not behaving like Indians should. Frequent visits to their motherland open their eyes to what it means to be an Indian in today's world.

This is true for those who stop making things and only advise others for a living. If you are in the advice business for a long time, I suggest you take a break and go run a factory or take a line job for a while. At least visit a real business that makes things. If you can't take a long break, try doing a small assignment where you actually make things. It will change the way you think.

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