Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tools and Services I use in 2010 for Product Research, Design and Development

Axure $ 500 $Company Provided
For HTML Prototyping. For design, communication and making to think

Vimeo $Free $60 per year for professional use such as password protection
What for? For making videos of demos for sharing with colleagues and training sales colleagues.
Why? Video spreads virally. People like to watch.

ZnetIndia $10 for domain $3 per month for hosting
What for? For domains and hosting microsites.
Why? I use this for effortless sharing and viral campaigning of ideas.

Atlassian Confluence $Company Provided
What for? For writing use cases and stories.
Why: There are only two buttons. Save and Edit. Not many can over-engineer it. Version Control.

SAPStreamwork $9 per month $Company provided
What for? For collaborative scrap booking. I put everything in Streamwork Automatic updates
Why? My colleagues automatically know the quality, timing and quantity of my work.

PBWiki $Free
What for? For hosting my eating places wiki and writing my book collaboratively.
Why? Collaborative content creation. Automatic Updates.

BlackBerry Camera $Company Provided
What for? For taking pictures of white-board drawing and sharing immediately with others.
Why? I always have my BlackBerry with me. Easy to document than writing it down. Easy to share. Rich rapid communication.

Sony Harddisk Video camera $750
For HD Videos. I bought it in 2007. You can get good ones for $350 now
Why? Videos are rich and viral

What for? For showing web and mobile prototypes
Why? You can show a prototype while sitting on a couch or coffee shop without making it look like work You can also show touch interaction, which is a good test of usability.
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