Sunday, March 14, 2010

10 Cool Things You Can Use Your BlackBerry Camera For

1. Take a picture of your white board brain storming sessions, right after the session and post them in a wiki and share them with colleagues. This takes very little effort and will earn you kudos.

2. If you see a flower in a garden, take a picture and email it to your significant other. It will make his or her day.

3. If you are in another town or in another place and are enjoying the scenery, take a picture and send it to your significant other to let them know that you wanted to share the moment. If the scenery is really good, watch our for a reaction such as "How come you are having all the fun and did not take me there".

4. If you are at a customer location, and customer draws something on a piece of paper,or a napkin, take a picture of it (with their permission) and use that picture in your next PowerPoint presentation.

5. If you are at a restaurant and want to send the address of the place to a friend, don't bother remembering the address. Pick a card or menu from the front desk, take a picture and email it while you are walking to your car or taxi, train or bus.

6. When you are at a customer site, take a picture of their actual office and use them in your next presentation. If graphic artists are available, they can use them as source material.

7. If you are doing user research, take a picture of the users desk, artifacts and documents (with their permission) so that you can look at them later. Your team will get a better sense of this customer if they were not part of the visit.

8. Take a picture of your receipts. You can print them later for expense reporting purposes. You will also remember the order in which you incurred the expenses.

9. Take a picture of  visiting cards your receive. Don't have to worry about losing the card. You can also take a picture of books to remember their names and authors.

10. If you are asked for a copy of your drivers license or any other small document, (and do not have ready access to a flatbed copier) take a picture of the document and print it or email it.
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