Monday, June 08, 2009

Writing the name of use cases and grouping them

This is a revisit of my earlier post on using wikis to organize use cases. We are in the design phase of a portal conversion project. We discussed if it makes sense to write down the list of use cases for the project and organize them, because we know the features very well and it is a straight conversion. However after a brief discussion we decided to give it a try. After the first hour of the works session, we arrived at a complete list of use cases.

The methodology
The product managers types the names of the basic use cases in a wiki page, which was them shared via Adobe Connect with the development team which was sitting in another location. They had the wiki page projected on a big screen. For about 60 minutes everyone chimed in with the missing use cases.

We also grouped the use cases into meaningful categories and gave meaningful titles for those use cases. I was surprised to find out that the list of use cases almost doubled. We also found answers to some important questions and doubts in our minds. There were some new team members, they benefited too.

My conclusion based on this session is that writing the titles of use cases and grouping them is a useful exercise, even if you are doing a conversion project. I am not sure about the level of details we will go into.I will write about that later.
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