Saturday, May 16, 2009

Virtual Conference

I work for SAP, the business software company. The annual customer conference is called SAPPHIRE. This is year, along with the regular conference, in Orlando, Florida, we also had a virtual conference using a service provided by

It was a good way to provide access to all the presentations, keynotes and demos to people who could not travel to the event. We also had virtual product booths manned by experts from SAP to answer questions. It worked out pretty well. More than 3500 people showed up and saw the demos and keynotes.

The virtual conference mimicked a regular conference. Participants came in, registered, listened to keynotes and presentations. They then went to the show floor and walked around from booth to booth to see the product demos there. They then chatted with experts at the booth.

Interesting thing was, unlike the regular conference the virtual conference was open 24 hours and product experts from around the world were available 24 hours to answer product questions.

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