Saturday, May 02, 2009

No No. I agree with you

"No No. I agree with you". I hear this phrase during meetings and telephone conversations all the time. I could not help but wonder why on earth would people start a sentence with 'NO' especially when they have a chance to start the sentence in a positive note. Why not say 'Yes. I agree with you'.

These small things matter when you work with a team of people over the phone and web meetings. They matter very much if you have not seen the other person face to face. The Dean of Pixar University speaks eloquently about the value of collaboration and the need for each other to build on what the other person says and not try to correct the other person.

This is not a cultural thing. This is just plain common sense. Start paying attention to such things and follow them diligently if you want to build credibility with your distributed colleagues.
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