Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Personal Capability Index

Personal Capability index is a measure of an individual's capabilities developed through five levels of 'deliberate practise'. The levels and the activities associated with each level are described below.

I developed this methodology to track the capabilites of my team and develop their skills. I recently used it to demonstrate to a class of workshop participants, how their capability improved with every session of the workshop. Dharini Ramakrishnan helped define some of the levels.

The methodology defines 5 stages of self-development.

Level 1: Develop an understanding of the concepts behind the capability by reading a book, attending presentations or attending a training course.
Level 2: Apply your learning in a controlled setting with a mentor watching you and providing you feedback.
Level 3: Apply the lessons learned from your successes in Level 2 in a real-world setting.
Level 4: Apply the concepts in real-world scenarios a minimum of 3 times, enhance it and teach the concepts to others.
Level 5: Perfect the capability, address gaps and mentor others in developing the capability.

When you conduct a training workshop, you can track the over all improvement in the personal capability index of individuals and quantify the development for the participants. More about that later.
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