Monday, April 20, 2009

Microblogging for project status updates

I read about Martin Böhringer using micro blogging for supervising his research students. I believe this approach may work well for project managers of distributed teams.

I have asked my team members to blog about their projects before. That was useful. But not everyone did it. Microblogging might work if it replaces status meetings. I believe it will depend a lot in nature of the individial and the culture of the team.

Instead of a separate microblogging tool, if microblogging is integrated with the collaboration software such as Jive Clearspace or SocialText it will be very useful. Ability to send an update from a mobile device might be important. However based on twitter's statistics majority of tweets come from the desktop. Not from mobile devices. So people do like to microblog from their desktops and there may be value in it.
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