Saturday, February 14, 2009

How can community software help Human Resources team

This is an excerpt from what SocialText says HR can do with community software. "They (HR) can engage employees in highly active, ongoing conversations, and create a more open, transparent, and trusting culture. Employees in new or changed roles quickly see what others are working on, discover others who might be important to them, and learn from documented best practices of their colleagues. People can jump into conversations underway, and tap into corporate memory to quickly absorb the history of important topics. With rich profiles that let colleagues get to know each other better, ambient awareness of what others are working on, and the means to discover social networks, trust levels rise and the culture shifts to one of strong teamwork and independent thinking."

It is interesting that SocialText still refers to their software as collaboration software and not community software. May be the word collaboration is better understood than the word community. One of my colleagues from work told me yesteday that the "potential for collaboration is inherent to community but you do not necesserily achieve or enable community in collaboration".

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