Wednesday, October 13, 2004

My Journal on Distributed Development

For about 8 years, I have written a log about the challenges I face at work and solutions that worked for me. When I reviewed my Journal from my archives, I realized that there was information worth sharing with entrepreneurs running a company on shoestring budgets, managers who want to drive better collaboration and distributed team members who are face these challenges daily. I want to share practical information about tools, people behavior and team organization that will help distributed teams in day-to-day work.

I attend the Berkeley Columbia EMBA program now and run the collaboration site for my class of fellow managers. It has been a good learning experience helping my class with the collaboration. I plan to write about how the business schools of two universities [UC Berkeley and Columbia University, New York] enable collaboration among students and professors. As of 2005 they have a lot of challenges ahead of them.

There are three broad categories. Protocols, People and Tools. Most titles are self explanatory. If you are part of a distributed development operation or team, please add your thoughts and share your insight.
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