Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Defining Work : Protocols

I worked with several of my colleagues, especially Prasad Bartakke, to arrive at a set of development protocols that we need to follow if we were to deliver our projects on time. We referred several books and drank several glasses of milk [yes milk] over weeks before we arrived at three basic development Protocols. Prasad Bartakke has a structured thought process that helped us define these protocols.

We defined three protocols
1. Communication Protocol : How to use various communication mediums and types to get the job done effectively.
2. Work package Protocol : How to request others to deliver work and how to respond when others request for the same.
3. Responsibilities Protocol: Who is accountable for what.

The first two worked out very well. The Responsibilities protocol did not work very well. I'll elaborate on these protocols later.

Some of the books that helped us in those days are Rapid development by Steve McConnell and "Debugging the Development Process" by Steve McGuire. Even though these books were written by Software Development managers, we were able to adapt many best practices to learning content development. Both books were fairly pragmatic in their approach and helped us very well.

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